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Unique Date Ideas

Finding fun date ideas can be a challenge. Here are a few unique ideas that you might not have tried. Want to be especially spontaneous? Try putting your favorite unique date ideas below on separate pieces of paper then let your date choose the idea out of a hat!

couple in the bed of a truck looking at the sunset

1. Go to your local farmers market

Find some fresh ingredients for dinner.

2. Learn about your family history

Dig those old photo albums from the attic or check out ancestry.com.

3. Learn something new

Take a music lesson, photography lesson, cooking class, or a dance class. Make ice cream.

4. Make your own dessert

Choose your favorite toppings or mix-ins and concoct an original dessert to share with your partner.

5. Try being a tourist in your own hometown

Are there any attractions you have yet to really spend time seeing?

6. Take a quick weekend trip to someplace nearby

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or travel very far to get a change of scenery.

7. Train together

For a 5k, a marathon, a triathlon or any other physical challenge.

8. Remodel or redesign a room in your home

Create the dream room you and your partner have been dreaming of.

9. Test drive a new car.

Take your loved one on a test drive of your favorite car, or a car that your partner has always wanted to drive.

10. Unleash your inner artist

Sculpt a block of ice cream with spoons and knives.

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