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Spring Date Ideas

Spring is a time of change and renewal, so why not renew your dating habits. If you are lost at what you should do for a date during the Spring, we have you covered. Check out our spring date ideas today.

Couple enjoying a spring sunset

1. Go on a bike ride

Get out and enjoy the fresh air with your date by going on a bike ride. If you want to try something extra unique, rent a tandem bike and try your hand at cycling together.

2. Outdoor/beach bonfire

Enjoy an evening up the canyon or on the beach with a bonfire to keep warm. It’s the perfect way to stay cozy while also enjoying the outdoors.

3. Outdoor movie in the woods

Make a movie night a little extra special by

4. Picnic in the park

Find a park where the grass is budding and the trees are in bloom. Pack your favorite foods and bring a blanket to eat a good old-fashioned picnic on.

5. Play lawn games

Bocce ball, croquet, or other lawn games are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and still have plenty of opportunities to talk and interact and you don’t have to be an athlete to play.

6. Go to the zoo

Find the nearest zoo and make a scavenger hunt in which you have to find certain wildlife and plants.

7. Go geocaching

Download a geocaching app and take your date on a new adventure!

8. Rollerblade outdoors

Buy some thrift store rollerblades if you don’t have your 90’s treasures anymore and find a paved outdoor trail for some retro style exercise.

9. Volunteer to help clean up a local recreational area

There are usually service opportunities for cleanup in city and state park areas. Find one near you and have fun to help clean up the earth.

a couple under a heart arch made of flowers

10. Go stargazing

Once the nights are warm enough, stargazing is a classic. Make it special by bringing some hot cocoa or your favorite snack. Use an app or star chart to find constellations.

11. Go jeeping or off-roading

If you have access to an off-road vehicle of any sort, take your date on a ride. It’s a great way to see some beautiful scenery quickly and have some adventure at the same time.

12. Play tennis

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, a game of tennis is great exercise and will surely have you laughing as you try to keep up with each other (or just hit the ball).

13. Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a unique way to enjoy the outdoors as the weather warms. Just double check that your date is comfortable being around large animals before your date.

14. Visit a local state park

If there’s a state park close to you, try a sightseeing date.

15. Outdoor mini golf

Mini golf may seem like a cliche date but you may be surprised at how much fun you have, especially if you choose a nice outdoor course on a nice spring day.

16. Drive-in movie theater

Want to watch a movie but feel like going to a theater is overrated? Find a drive-in movie theater and take your favorite movie treats. If you can’t find one, make your own!

17. Plant flowers or a garden

An actual garden may be out of reach but planting a few flowers or some vegetables is a great way to enjoy the beauty of springtime and also make the earth a better place.

18. Go to a farmers market

Visit a farmer’s market and try

19. Yard sale shopping

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Check out local yard sales on a Saturday morning and get a feel for each other’s interests.