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Romantic Date Ideas

Romance is an art, and that is why we are here to help you come up with some romantic date ideas. Create an evening that will emulate your love towards your partner, which will foster your relationship in a way normal dates cannot. Love will grow as you continue to take your significant other on romantic dates.

couple enjoying a romantic dinner and meal

1. Horseback riding on the beach

Saddle up and enjoy the sea breeze with your partner, partner.

2. A handsome cab ride through Central Park

When you live in a city your life moves at a fast pace. Take the opportunity to slow down and get to know the love of your life one clip-clop at a time.

3. Candlelight dinner at home with catered food from your favorite restaurant

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing evening at home with good food and better company?

4. A night out at a mountain resort

Enjoy the brisk air, starry sky, and peaceful atmosphere with the one you love most.

5. Take a painting lesson from Bob Ross

Turn down the lights, turn on Netflix, and paint some happy clouds.

6. Learn to cook

Don’t torture your significant other with burnt meals, take cooking lessons together to create amazing food, and better memories.

7. Create personalized pottery

Nothing is more satisfying as creating something yourself. Get ready to form and cook the perfect ceramic item for your home with your partner.

8. Ballroom dancing lessons

It truly does take two to tango, so grab your partner and dance the night away.

9. Make s’mores over a campfire

Cuddle up, grab some sticks, and mallow up some s’mores for a romantic evening

10. Elevate your knowledge

Create an evening of adventure at your local bookstore. Take a journey through the pages with your partner.

couple enjoying the beach on a swing

11. Visit an aquarium

Nothing can bring you closer together than 4 inches of glass and a frenzy of sharks swimming above you.

12. Couples massage

Remove any tension you have by getting a couples massage with your partner. Spas can create a romantic atmosphere that can relax you and your significant other.

13. Go on a picnic

Grab your wicker picnic basket, red checkered tablecloth and get out of the house. Take your partner on a romantic hike and end it with a much-needed picnic.

14. Take a drive

Go up to the nearest canyon for a romantic drive observing the scenery, while holding the hand of your loved one. Relax and let the road take you on a journey together.

15. Go to the beach

Nothing is more romantic than long walks on the beach during dusk. Enjoy the sea breeze, the fresh air, and the sand between your toes.

16. Stay indoors

Sometimes the best thing to do for a romantic date is to stay home and play some board games. Not only will it be relaxing, but you can create a romantic atmosphere without leaving your home.

17. Dance in the rain

Dancing in the rain can be very enjoyable if it is with someone you care about.

18. Split the responsibility

Why not plan a date in halves? It can be an enjoyable venture for both you and your partner. Each person will plan part of the date, ensuring each person gets to do something he or she loves!

19. Gaze into the Cosmos

Go out to the country while leaving all your worries behind. Let the stars guide you and your significant other on a journey you won’t forget.

20. Go fishing

Though it may not seem romantic, going fishing can bring you and your partner together and you may learn some patience along the way. Fishing with your partner is a definite hook, line, and sinker.