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Rainy Day Date Ideas

Don’t let a rainy day ruin your perfect date night! There’s plenty to do when the weather’s a little stormy outside. Check out these fun rainy day date ideas below and have a great time with your date! You don’t need sunny skies to fall in love with someone.

Couple enjoying a spring sunset

1. Watch Netflix with your favorite treats

Go to the store and pick out your favorite treats together. Then go home and choose a good Netflix movie that you can cuddle up and watch!

2. Paint a picture of your date

Get some painting supplies and then make it a point to paint each other (be sure to play the Titanic soundtrack in the background). At the end of the night, give your painting to your date so they can take it home and put it on the wall….or burn it.

3. Go to the library and find a good book to read together

With all the technology we have now, reading has gone a little out of style. Go pick out a book together and read it out loud to each other. If you want to be a little naughty, read a romance novel out loud and then laugh about it for hours afterward!

4. Go puddle-stomping

Whether you live in the country or the city, it’s still fun to jump in puddles once in a while. Put on your rain gear and go see who can make the biggest splash!

5. Play video games

Playing mindless video games while you get to know each other can be a fun and pressure-free date idea. If you or your date are extremely competitive, we wouldn’t recommend this though.

6. Cook a gourmet meal you’ve never tried before

Pick out a gourmet recipe that Julia Child would be proud of and then go to the store and get the ingredients. Cook up a gourmet meal for the two of you and then eat by candlelight. Big win for you if it actually tastes good!


a couple under a heart arch made of flowers

7. Go to an animal shelter

Every animal shelter welcomes people to come and help socialize the animals that they board there. Spend some time playing with some dogs and kittens as you get to know each other. Just make sure your date isn’t allergic before you go!

11. Attend a concert

No matter the weather, it’s always a good day for an indoor concert. Check out a band you both love or venture out to your local scene and listen to some bands you’ve never heard of before. It could be a great conversation starter!

12. Play board games

Sometimes a board game can be a great way to get to know each other. Choose some of your favorite games and then see who can win the best out of 3. Just be sure you don’t pull out the Dungeons and Dragons unless you know your date is into that scene.

13. Watch a movie in the theater

A classic date that everyone loves is a rainy-day trip to the movies. Buy some popcorn and candy and enjoy a great movie in the dark together. You can’t go wrong here!

14. Go to the arcade

If you’ve got a local arcade nearby, grab a bunch of money and go play some games! See who can score the most tickets and then buy a prize for your date at the end.

15. Shop at the mall

Sometimes just browsing through the mall is a great date idea. Visit the different shops and see who can find the most random item under $10. Eat some dinner at the food court and people watch — the sights you’ll see at the mall never seem to disappoint!