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Outdoor Date Ideas

Regardless of the season, having an outdoor date is a fun way to get to know someone new, or to build your relationship with your significant other. This list of date ideas will provide you with outdoor activities to do for your next date.

Couple on date at the ocean.

1. Go paddle boarding on a river or lake

Find a place that rents paddle boards and take them to a river or lake. It might take a little to get your balance, but you’ll be up in no time. This is the perfect date to have some good conversation while getting out of the awkward date setting.

2. Go Hiking

If you live in an area with mountains or forests nearby, take a stroll in nature. It can provide you with an extra romantic setting, and give you an excuse to hold hands.

Couple hiking for an outdoor date

3. Build a campfire

If you love the outdoors, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting out and making a campfire. This can be a great group date setting but is still great for couples. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

4. Go rollerblading

Take a trip down memory lane to your middle school days and strap on some roller blades. This is a fun way to get outside and get some exercise while breaking the ice more with someone. Try to find a place with some open space and don’t avoid hills whatever you do.

5. Walk a Dog

If you don’t have a dog, borrow one! Taking your dog to the park is a fun excuse to get outside, plus who doesn’t love dogs? If you get nervous on dates, this outing can help you forget about the date and just have fun.

6. Go Birdwatching

Find some binoculars and get out in nature to see some birds and other wildlife. This casual and relaxed date will give you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other, and do something probably neither of you have done.

7. Go Sledding or Ice Blocking

Depending on the season, find a hill and race down it! This will definitely be a memorable date that will be sure to give you a rush.

8. Go to a Baseball Game

Even if you’re not a sports fan, a baseball game has a relaxed environment with great food. If you don’t have a baseball team nearby, find another team and cheer loud!

baseball stadium

9. Rent a Tandem Bike

This date will give you a chance to learn more about your date while getting out and seeing your city in a way you’ve never seen it. This unique date will be an instant favorite.

10. Picnic in a Park

Tired of boring dinner dates? Change things up and pack and find a grassy spot to put down a blanket. (Tip: Keep foods simple and easy to pack).

Double date on picnic

11. Go Stargazing

Need an excuse to cuddle your date? Stargazing is a casual, yet romantic way to get close and comfortable while providing time to talk to your date. (Tip: This is probably not the best idea for a first date unless you are already comfortable with the other person)

12. Watch an outdoor movie

Need relaxing date ideas? Whether it’s at a drive-in theater or the backyard with a projector, this is a fun way to cozy up with a blanket and enjoy a classic film.

13. Eat at a Food Truck

If you’re tired of always going to a sit-down restaurant, food trucks are a fun way to mix things up, and you can get tasty and novelty foods.

food truck in the snow

14. Go to an Outdoor Concert

This is usually best in the summer, depending on where you live. Find an outdoor concert or music festival and sing your heart out!

15. Fly a Kite

Who said only kids can fly kites? This nostalgic date idea will be a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and do something completely different.

16. Go Sailing

Don’t own a sailboat? No problem! Many public lakes have areas to rent small sailboats. (If that doesn’t work, find a stream and race mini, homemade boats down it).

sailboat outdoor on lake at sunset

17. Go Fishing

This relaxing activity is the perfect way to unwind with your date after a long and stressful week. Take your date fishing, and they’ll think you’re a real catch.

18. Go Geocaching

Ever dream of finding buried treasure as a kid? Geocaching is a fun activity that lets you become a treasure hunter!

19. Landscape Painting

Are you looking for artsy date ideas? Get out in nature and do some painting! Even if you have no artistic talent you’ll still have a fun time! Go watch a Bob Ross video and start painting.

20. Plant flowers in your yard or a flower pot

Watch your love grow along with some nice flowers. This gives you a chance to send your date home with a nice gift that will keep them thinking of you.
If you’ve already tried these date ideas, try combining two different dates or repeat one in another setting. Regardless of what you choose, get outside and do something different!

outdoor flower pot