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Indoor Date Ideas

Sometimes you are stuck indoors, which can damper any plans you may have for dates. We are here to help! Our list of indoor date ideas can help you.

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1. Go skating at a roller rink

Relive your elementary school days as you ‘snowball’ through a local roller rink.

2. Go to a Nickel Arcade

It may seem childish but it will likely be one of your favorite dates you’ve ever had. Employ a little friendly competition in your games and make the winner buy you both dessert.

3. Have a Q&A session

Each of you writes some questions you want to know about each other and draw them out of a bowl and both answer them.

4. Have a foosball or ping pong tournament

Test your partner’s skills… you’ll either be impressed or you’ll both laugh your heads off.

5. Go to a grocery store

…During the best hours for free samples. Try them all and buy your favorite for a snack together!

6. Do a funny photoshoot

Everyone likes a good picture, so why not make it enjoyable.

7. Go thrift store shopping

Each person gets an amount of money to purchase an outfit for the other for the remainder of the date.

8. Play racquetball

Get your heart rates up and go play a few rounds of racquetball, even if you don’t know how to.

9. Go bowling

This is a staple date, however, play with a twist. Take a bag of skittles and each person has to draw a skittle before each turn. Make each color of skittle correlate with a different type of bowling you have to do.

10. Netflix and popcorn

Turn on your favorite show to binge watch with your partner. Sit back, relax, and butter up to your partner for an enjoyable evening.

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