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Group Date Ideas

One great way to get to know your significant other even better, is by going out on double or group dates. Group dating gives you the opportunity to see each other in different settings, and see how you both interact with other people. It’s also great way to see how your significant other gets along with your close friends. Going out with other couples also lets you do activities that you couldn’t normally do with just one other person, and have a fun and memorable time with a new group of friends.

Check out our list below of awesome group date ideas to try out with your partner and friend group.

Group of people looking at the sunset.

1. Go to an Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a fun way to put your mind to the test and solve puzzles and riddles under pressure. It’s a great way to work together with your date and learn how the other thinks. You might feel your heart rate begin to rise as you watch the clock run out.

2. Play Softball

Go to a park with a baseball diamond, and divide up into teams to play softball. This is the perfect opportunity to show off for your date and relive your childhood fantasy of playing professional baseball. Be prepared for a fun time and some friendly trash talk. Don’t forget your glove!

3. Start a Dinner Group

This is a group date that can be repeated several times a year. Go to a friends house and enjoy a potluck dinner, and play board games after. This is an awesome group date for couples who already know each other, and is an excellent way to stay in touch with old friends.

4. Go to a Drive In Restaurant

If you’re looking for a nostalgic date with you group, this is the date for you. Find an old style drive in restaurant that makes burgers and shakes, and enjoy eating outside . This date works best in warm weather.

5. Go to a Drive in Movie

Drive in movies are another nostalgic date that your date and group will love. Get a pickup truck and fill it with pillows and blankets and get ready for a cozy night out. Bring some extra camp chairs and lots of snacks. This will be a night out that you won’t forget.

6. Get Together For Beach Volleyball

Find the nearest zoo and make a scavenger hunt in which you have to find certain wildlife and plants.

7. Do a Couples Craft Night

Look for places in the community like art studios that offer courses to do painting or pottery. If you don’t have anything like this, go to a craft store and buy the paint or other materials you’ll need. Pull up a tutorial video on YouTube, and see who can make the best masterpiece.

Group of people doing crafts together, and would be a great date night activity.

8. Cook a Gourmet Meal Together

gourmet recipes that will make this date idea an instant favorite.

9. Have a Water Fight

For most people, they haven’t had a good old fashioned water fight since they were nine. If you have a close group of friends that you feel comfortable pelting with water balloons, by all means use this date idea. For people you don’t know, this is a great bonding experience.

10. Have a Talent Show

You and your partner probably have some secret talents that most people don’t know about. This is your time to step into the spotlight and show your friends your amazing talent. Whether it’s card tricks, jokes, or yodeling, this will get everyone out of their shell and strengthen relationships.

11. Go to Karaoke Night

Find a place nearby that has karaoke and sing your hearts out. Even if you are no concert singer, your own renditions of favorite songs will be music to your date’s ears. Remember that everyone is nervous to get up and sing, so sing like no one is listening.

12. Group Picnic

Find your biggest blanket because you’ll need the space. Give each couple food assignments, and meet up at the beach, a park, or a campsite. Enjoy the outdoors with your favorite company and take lots of pictures. If possible, make a fire and tell some scary stories. The blanket will be perfect for stargazing after the sun goes down.

13. Go to a Roller Rink

Tie up your skates and enjoy an evening of skating to classic songs under the disco ball. Even if you and your date are not the best skaters, you’ll have a blast helping each other up off the ground and trying not to fall. If you don’t have a roller rink nearby, find some skates and go outside! This is a great date to hold hands on.

14. Go to a Theme Park

Enjoy the rush of a roller coaster and buy some cotton candy while you’re there. Theme parks are a fun way to relax and spend a fun day getting to know someone in a comfortable environment.

Now that you have a list of awesome group date ideas, call up your friends and plan an outing together! If you have some fun group date ideas of your own, share them in the comment section below!