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First Date Ideas

Do you need some ideas for a great first date? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best first dates from our network of dating experts. Find the perfect first date for you in the list below!

couple on a first date

1. Visit a planetarium

Go to the nearest college with a planetarium and learn about the stars with each other in the comfort of the dark. Just remember, you won’t be able to talk too much!

2. Attend a concert

Find a free show in your vicinity and go have fun listening to the local artists and musicians. See how good (or bad) the local music scene is and enjoy each other’s company in the meantime.

3. Go to an arcade

Bring out the little kid in you and go to an arcade. See who can win the biggest prize at the end!

4. Try your hand at geocaching

Geocaching is like a free treasure hunt. Create an account, find a geocache with the help of an app from and see if you can find it (or several) together!

5. Tour a factory nearby

Some of the most interesting places are nearby and you don’t even know it! Tour a candy factory or some other type of factory in your area to get a first-hand look at how some of your favorite products are made.

6. Go to a museum

Whether it be art or history, a museum is a great place to not only educate yourself but have a good time getting to know someone as you peruse the different exhibits together.

7. Go to a college or high school sports game

Is there a better date than a sporting event? Possibly…but this one is high on our list.You can talk and get to know each other but also enjoy the game at the same time without having to concentrate too hard. We dare you to get on the Kiss Cam!

8. Go bowling

Bowling alleys might smell like dirty socks but there’s something about bowling that makes it a great time for a first date. Try your skills at knocking down the pins and be sure to laugh a lot at how good (or bad) you are.

9. Go to an amusement park

Did you know that experiencing adrenaline with someone else makes them more attractive? If you feel like you need a little help in the looks department, take your date on a few rollercoaster rides and your attractiveness score will jump up about 3 points.

10. Go mini golfing

Mini golf can be a really great way to not only meet someone but have fun along the way. You can see how competitive someone is or just how horrible they are at putting all in one evening.

11. Get dessert at multiple places

Decide that you’ll get dessert together but try out 5 different spots. Pick some desserts you’ve never tried before and then discuss and rate your favorites as you move from restaurant to restaurant.

12. Watch a movie in theaters

Yes, it’s cliche but it’s always a great time. You can interact a little before and after the movie starts and you can also pick up on things your date enjoys or finds funny. Be sure to share a bag of popcorn together so you can get a thrill every time your fingers touch.

13. Check out the animals at the local zoo

The zoo is a great place where a discussion is easily sparked and you never run out of things to talk about.
14. Try your hand at painting

These days there are quite a few places where you can spend an evening painting. Or, buy some paints and canvas boards and drive somewhere beautiful. Then try your hands at painting…but don’t show each other your final masterpiece until the end!

15. Play board games

Board games are a great way to spend some time with someone. If you really want to impress your date though, we don’t recommend this one.

couple on a boardwalk talking and laughing

16. Meet up at a coffee shop

If you just want a quick get-together where you can see if you two are compatible, coffee shops are always a safe bet. You can sit and sip your latte while you answer questions about each other.

17. Get to know each other at an aquarium visit

Like the zoo, the aquarium is another great place to have a good, laid-back time and it offers a great opportunity for fun, light-hearted discussions.

18. Eat dinner at a fun restaurant

Eating dinner out on a first date is always a fine idea. You can discover if your date eats gluten or if they chew like a cow within a matter of minutes! Eating dinner at a themed restaurant (think mariachis, belly dancers or cliff divers) can make the experience even more exciting.

19. Take a horseback riding trip

Horseback riding can be a surreal adventure if you don’t do it all the time. Take your date on a trail horseback ride (you can find these excursions on sites like Groupon) and enjoy a couple hours riding horses together.

20. Go ice skating

If you’re not great on ice skates then this may not be your favorite date idea but it’s a cheap way to spend time together. You can hold each other’s hands right off the bat this way, too!

21. Browse through the nearest used bookstore

A used bookstore can offer some of the most precious (and strange) gems in print. Spend some time browsing through a used bookstore and then pick out a book that you want the other person to read. This could either lead to a second date or completely end the date depending on what you pick so please use caution.

22. Be a tourist for the night

Everyone has a major tourist attraction near their residence but has never checked it out. Decide that the two of you will be tourists for the night and go to a nearby attraction that neither of you have ever been to. Be sure to take some pictures so you look the part!

23. Go apple or berry picking

Picking fresh fruit can not only be cathartic but somewhat romantic. Go to a nearby farm and spend some time picking fruit that you can later go home and eat!

24. Take a walk in the park

You don’t need to do anything crazy on your first date…even a walk can be a great way to spend some time with someone special. To make the date less awkward, be sure you bring a dog along for the walk.

25. Do an escape room

Escape rooms are the latest craze! What better way to find out how good you are at working as a team by trying to figure out how to get out of the room you both are stuck in? It can be a little pricey, though so be sure you find some online coupons.
26. Visit an animal shelter

Animals in shelters need love and who better to give it to them then you and your date? Many shelters offer “socializing time” where they allow the animals to spend time and play with volunteers. Contact your nearest shelter to be sure that this is an option.

27. Take a bike ride

Dust off your bikes and go for a scenic bike ride in your area. Bike to a restaurant to have dinner or just go pick up some gelato afterward to reward yourself for all of your hard work!

28. Go stargazing

Is there anything more relaxing than stargazing? Download a constellation app so you know what you’re looking at and get away from the lights of the city. You’ll be able to have some great conversation while enjoying the nighttime beauty.

29. Attend the theater

A nearby high school or college play is not only affordable but always fun. Find out what plays are being offered in the area and get some tickets for both you and your date to enjoy.

30. Volunteer somewhere

A first date doesn’t always need to be about the two of you. Decide that you’d like to volunteer in a soup kitchen or some other organization and spend some time getting out there to help others. You’ll not only have a great time but you’ll no doubt win your date’s heart!