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Fall Date Ideas

Fall is a time for sweaters and cuddles. Take time to cozy up to your partner and enjoy fall festivities. Check out our fall date ideas to start your perfect fall date today.

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1. Have a bonfire

As the evenings start cooling off, it’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy some nearby canyon leaves with a little cookout.

2. Rake leaves

Raking leaves may seem like a chore but can be fun when you do it with the right people. Add some service to your date by helping an elderly neighbor or family member with their leaves.

3. Carve pumpkins

Test each other’s creative abilities with a pumpkin carving contest.

4. Go to a corn maze

Finding your way out of a corn maze together is a great way to learn about your date’s personality. To make it extra fun, go in a group and play a game of sardines or tag within the maze.

5. Shop for Halloween costumes together

Even if you don’t buy them, visit a costume shop and see who can find the most ridiculous costume.

6. Catch some Friday night lights

Fall & football go hand in hand and an evening at the football stadium is never a bad idea. Support your high school if you still live near it, or go to a local high school or college game.

7. Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you and your date are animal lovers, go to a local shelter and enjoy helping with the cats and dogs there. You’ll feel good for volunteering and will get your cute animal fix at the same time.

8. Ziplining

Find a zip line near you and enjoy the fall colors in a way out of the ordinary!

enjoying a day at the park during the fall

9. Take a drive to see Autumn leaves

Nothing beats a scenic drive in the fall. Plus, it’s a good opportunity for you to talk to your date in a relaxed atmosphere. Get out and take some selfies with the colorful trees when you need a break.

10. Make a new soup or chili recipe together

Soup and chilis are the perfect fall comfort food. Find a new recipe you want to try and make it for dinner with your date.

11. Pick apples at a nearby orchard

Find a nearby orchard that will allow you to pick apples and then make caramel apples or apple pie together.

12. Visit an old historic graveyard in your area

Keeping in the theme of Halloween, visit a nearby cemetery and see who can find the oldest grave.

13. Go for a hike

Autumn is perfect hiking weather. Take your date on your favorite hike and bring your favorite snacks along to share.

14. Make caramel apples

Caramel apples are arguably the best treat of the season and making them together can be a fun activity. Look up a good caramel recipe online, get some toppings and go to town!

15. Go on a hayride

Find an attraction near you that offers hay rides and enjoy a snuggly adventure.

16. Build a blanket fort & tell ghost stories

Build a blanket fort in your living room together, grab a flashlight and tell each other your favorite spooky stories in the fort.

17. Run a costume 5k

If you and your date enjoy being active, find a nearby Halloween-themed race and run it together in your Halloween costumes.