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Cheap Date Ideas

Going out on a date doesn’t have to be expensive. There are fun and exciting date ideas that you can do on the cheap. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite cheap date ideas. Take a look, try some out, and let us know what you think.

couple on a beach

1. Stargazing

Grab some binoculars, a telescope, or just grab a couple of blankets and get out of the city to stare at the night sky. Don’t forget to bring something yummy to share.

2. Take a Hike or Go for a Walk

Find a local trail and get out in nature. What better way to get to know one another and hold hands.

3. Backyard Picnic

Put together a picnic basket and head to the backyard.

4. Driving Range

If you and your date are a little sporty, you can go to the local driving range and hit some golf balls as far as you can.

5. Read a Book Together

Reading can be a fun way to spend some romantic time together.

6. Movie in the Park

There are many locals that offer up a free movie in the park. Check out the local city websites and find a city holds one of these fun events.

7. Cheap of Free Local Events

Speaking of fun events, each week many communities offer up cheap or free events, check out the community events websites in your community for some great date ideas.

8. Ice Cream or Hot Cocoa

Depending on the time of the year, take you, sweetheart, out to get some ice cream or a cup of hot cocoa. Or if you a feeling a little adventurous, get a cup of frozen hot cocoa or try a scoop of ice cream in your hot cocoa.

9. Cook Dinner Together

Get started by putting together a delicious menu. You can then go shopping together and come home to make yourself a dinner to remember.

10. S’mores in the Backyard

Fire up that backyard fire pit, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy yourself one of the best ever campout treats.

11. Go Skating

Hit up the local ice rink or roller rink and spend some time holding hands while you skate yourselves silly.

12. College Sporting Event

Take your date to their favorite college and take in one of the Olympic sporting events.

13. Puzzles

Get out one of your favorite puzzles out or go to your local Target or Walmart and pick up a new puzzle to assemble together.

14. Take Some Selfies

Run around town and take some cute couple selfies. Don’t forget to share with all your followers.

15. Backyard Basketball

Grab a ball and head out to your basketball hoop and play a little one on one.

Happy couple in NYC kissing

16. Play Catch

Grab your favorite ball (and gloves) and toss the ball around. If you aren’t into the throwing sports, grab a soccer ball and kick it around at the park.

17. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to get to know someone while serving those in need in your community.

18. Play a Board Game

Invite some friends to join in and play your favorite board games or card game.

19. Batting Cages

If you and your date are into baseball, go hit some balls at the batting cage.

20. Check out the Library or Local Bookstore

Take your significant other to the library or bookstore and spend some quality time perusing through a book or two.

21. Geocaching

Become modern treasure hunters by participating in Geocaching.

22. Take a Drive

Most of us live in beautiful areas, plan some time and go for a little drive along one of the scenic routes near you.

23. Night In

Have a night in and watch a movie or binge a few episodes on Netflix, bake some cookies and pop some popcorn.

24. Local Museum

Many museums are free of charge or have a relatively inexpensive fee. So get out and get cultured.

25. Go for a Swim

Head to the local pool, lake, reservoir, or the many other bodies of water to dip your toes into.

26. Garage Sale

Wake up early on Saturday morning and go see what cool items you can find for cheap.

27. Drive-In Movie

Pack some snacks and your car and head to the Drive-In and enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

28. Window Shopping

Enjoy some time together while you fantasize about all the cools, pretty dresses, and expensive things at the mall.

29. Farmers Market

Check out all the fun booths at the farmers market.

30. Go Visit Your Grandparents

They always love to see the grandkids, so why not bring along a date and enjoy a night of chatting with grandparents.