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Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversaries are something to be celebrated. Afterall, each anniversary is special. We can help you create the perfect date no matter the anniversary. Our date ideas follow the traditional anniversary gifts, with a unique twist.

anniversary renewal of vows

1st Year: Paper

To celebrate the 1st year of marriage, take your partner to an origami class. Not only will you get close to each other, one fold at a time, but you will be able to keep the traditional gifting for your first anniversary.

2nd Year: Cotton

Celebrate your second year of dating by taking your significant other shopping. Keep the second year traditional gift of cotton by purchasing something made of cotton that the love of your life admires.

3rd Year: Leather

For your third year of marriage be adventurous. Rent or buy a motorcycle and tour the country with your partner. This is a perfect opportunity to get your leather jacket and hit the open road.

4th Year: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk

Take it easy for this year of celebrating your love by staying inside with a simple bouquet of flowers or fruit. Take time and smell the roses during this celebration.

5th Year: Wood

Go to your local tech school and enroll in a woodworking class. Create something that you both would love. There is something about working together with your hands to create something you will both love.

6th Year: Iron / Candy

During this year’s celebration of love go back in time. Take it to medieval times and create something made of iron. Since your love has lasted the sands of time so should your gift and dating activity. Better yet, finish off your iron casting date with some of your favorite candy.

7th Year: Wool/ Copper

This is a great year to celebrate, so why not go make some personalized jewelry at your local jewelry shop. Ask them to add some copper accents to the desired jewelry.

8th Year: Bronze

This year of marriage/partnership is an amazing feat to have achieved. Take time to update something in your home that will build memories. Get some bronzed lanterns or a new chandler to hang in your family room. Every time you are in that room you will be reminded of your love.

9th Year: Pottery

This is a fun year to be married/together. Create some matching bowls, plates, and mugs that you can adore for the rest of your days together. Crafting something by hand not only helps you grow closer together, but it helps you continue to cultivate a deeper love for your partner.

10th Year: Tin/ Aluminum

By your tenth year of marriage, you have grown closer to your partner. So use that relationship to help your community. Take a weekend to clean up your community and recycle some tin and aluminum cans. Not only will your community be cleaner, but you will have fun going around collecting cans to recycle. Better yet, you can donate the money you have made to something that is mutually beneficial.

couple celebrating their anniversary

11th Year: Steel

Go create a personalized ring, bracelet, or necklace at your local jewelry shop. This will be a date that will not only allow you to create something special, but it will help cultivate your love more deeply.

12th Year: Silk

After 12 years together it is probably time for some new bedding. Splurge a little and get the highest thread count. you can. You will be glad you did!

13th Year: Lace

Lace not only is beautiful, it is elegant. There are many different things you can do with lace, so why not pick out something made out of lace that will fill your love with more memories.

14th Year: Ivory

Your relationship has lasted a fair amount of time, no doubt it wasn’t easy, but you have made it 14 years! That is amazing. To celebrate order something online that symbolizes your love, which is made from ivory.

15th Year: Crystal

Light up your home with a crystal chandelier. It will not only brighten your marriage, but will allow your love to shine.

20th Year: China

It is time to purchase some fancy china that you can use to host some amazing family parties or host a neighborhood party.

25th Year: Silver

Not only is silver a precious metal, but it is a great talking piece. Take time to get to know the love of your life on a deeper level with the gift of silver.

30th Year: Pearl

Take a vacation to a tropical island and go scuba diving. Go on a tour where you can dive for your own oysters and go pearl hunting.

35th Year: Coral

Go to the great barrier reef and admire the coral reef below. While you are there make it a romantic getaway to continue to grow closer together.

40th Year: Ruby

Who doesn’t love beautiful gems. The 40th year of marriage is a large milestone. Get your partner a ruby to not only admire, but to represent the love that burns in both of your hearts.

45th Year: Sapphire

As you grow older together you become one, which is why sapphire is the perfect gift for your loved one.

50th Year: Gold

Gold is a beautiful metal, similar to your partner. Renew your vows with some new gold wedding bands.

55th Year: Emerald

Emerald is a beautiful gemstone, it’s deep green color is not only remarkable but exciting, similar to your love for your partner.

60th Year: Diamond

You’ve done it, your marriage has stood the tests of time; 60 years together is a huge accomplishment. Since your love has lasted the test of time, why not get a stunning diamond for the love of your life.